2ShallB1 Marriage Ministry

The mission and vision for this ministry is to build strong marriages. We believe that if the marriage is strong you will have stronger families, communities, children and stronger churches.




Ten Ways To Bless Each Other

To each other blessing is the most powerful way to glue us together as husband and wife. Here are ten ways to bless each other.

1.Spend time together alone. This issue is time — who gets it? How we spend our time reveals what is really important to us. Successful couples spend time together. They pray together. They read the Bible together. They develop shared interests, like bowling, reading, hiking, seeing plays, etc. They go on weekly dates together.


2. Touch each other. Successful couples touch each other. They hug, squeeze, embrace, pat, hold hands, put arms around each other, and endeavor to sit close enough to touch when sitting anywhere together. Non sexual touching leads to genuine intimacy. And they enjoy sex, too, and often.


3.Encourage each other with words. Encouragement is the food of the soul. We all need to be lifted up when we are blue, but the successful couples go another step –they create a a positive environment. They verbally affirm each other at every opportunity. They try to catch each other doing good things “right.” They pass along compliments others make about their mate. They never pass up an opportunity to express appreciation. “I love the way you look today.” “Thank you for being such a good provider.” “That was a good recipe you tried.” “You did a super job of listening to the kids describe what happened at school today.”


4.Unconditionally accept each other. Unconditional love and acceptance form a crucial foundation in successful marriages. Happy couples don’t feel like they have to perform to be loved. They don’t feel like they will be rejected if they don’t meet a set of standards Jesus accepts us just as we are, and smart mates accept other “as is,” too.


5.Be committed to each other. Successful couples have a commitment to work through troubles. The word “divorce” is not uttered, no matter how upset one becomes. They have an agreement on how to “fight fair” under peaceful conditions. They try to let the little irritations go. They make an active commitment to want the best for their spouse, to help him or her grow as a person. They learn to quickly give and receive forgiveness.


6.Take care of your financial future together. Money problems create more stress on marriage than any other outside threat. Successful couples have resolved to live within their means. They do not live so high today that they fail to provide for unexpected needs, retirement, and premature death. They are very careful about taking on debt.


7.Laugh with each other. An antidote for boredom in marriage is lively humor. If your mate tells a joke, laugh, even if he isn’t so funny to others. Look at the funny side of life. If you are positive, looking for humor in difficult things– you will enjoy life more.


8.Make each other your top priority. he only one you can fully count on to be there for your mate is you! After God, but before others, make each other your top priority. Don’t let anyone — not even your children, and especially parents — come between you.


9.Be each other’s best friend. Happy couples commit to spend time together as friends. They share secrets with each other. They enjoy each other’s company. They realize they are the only ones who are really in this “together.” Don’t forget couples are “one flesh.”


10.Listen to each other. Communication invariable shows up as the number one problem in marriage surveys. We attach high value to our mates when we listen deeply to each other without any overly quick response that criticizes or gives advice. Listening lubricates marriage and reduces friction.