Always [give] thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
— Ephesians 5:20

This passage of Scripture gives us a moment to think about using our time well.
Have you figured out the best way to use your time?
Lots of books, articles, podcasts, and videos have been produced to share the latest and greatest tips on how best to use the time we have in our lives. Some of the ideas are great for building relationships, caring for others, getting an education, working efficiently, and even planning for retirement. As we grow older, many of us realize that we have wasted some time along the way, and we may have regrets about that.
We cannot gain back the hours we have spent, but, in the ­power of God’s Spirit, as we seek to change how we live, we can make the most of the time ahead of us. How we spend our time—with God and with others—matters.
How are we spending our time each day? There’s a cartoon that quips, “We only live once,” and the comeback line says, “We only die once; we live ­every day.” What matters is how we live every day.
Will our lives reflect the ­majesty of Jesus, or lost time? Paul urges us, “Don’t waste the time that you have.” Aim to live with no regrets. Live fully with the life you have been given in Christ.

Dear God, forgive us for the times that we have spent ignoring you and selfishly focusing on what is not important. Help us to use our time wisely, honoring you. Thank you for your grace. Amen.

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