They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching. . . .
— Acts 2:42

Not long ago I heard someone say that if you believe you can possess truth as your own, you will be argumentative and defensive. However, if you ­realize that truth is something you point to, you will be kind and compassionate because you know truth is for everyone.
If there is one thing that has polarized our society, it is personal expressions of truth. If you are a follower of Jesus, or if you are becoming a follower, you need to know that you are called to be devoted to the truth that belongs not to you but to God.
The very reason that Jesus’ early followers held on to and continued in the apostles’ teaching was that the apostles had been with Jesus and had heard the truth from his very lips. Jesus’ followers knew that these teachings brought life itself.
When I look at the world around me, I see so much confusion and chaos. Maybe you see some of the same wasteland.
As people who are trying to find our way through the wasteland of confusion and chaos today, we need to find our anchor in the foundational truth of Jesus so that we don’t build our lives on the ever-changing sand of society.
The early believers’ devotion to the apostles’ teaching gave them a deep sense of awe for what would lead them to live with holy reverence for God and his Word.

Father, knowing what is true can be hard. Please guide me to your truth so that I may stand strong in this world of confusion and chaos. Amen.

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