They devoted themselves . . . to the breaking of bread. . . .
— Acts 2:42

There’s something about sitting around a table to share a meal. When our family is all together, we often have deep, rich conversations. And we have joyful fun—I recall that when our first granddaughter was becoming expressive, we all started cheering with our hands in the air as she did the same.
As Jesus’ followers devoted themselves to breaking bread together, there was a sense of understanding that they were a part of something greater than themselves. It was a reminder that they were part of the kingdom of God that Jesus had taught about.
Being together to break bread is a way of revealing that we are a part of a new kind of family as well. This family has a centerpiece, and his name is Jesus. As we sit together in community, breaking bread together and remembering Jesus, whether in a large gathering or a small one, we look around that space with an understanding that Jesus calls us brothers and sisters.
In this picture of the table we need to understand that none of us deserves to be at the ­table breaking bread, and yet we are all invited and welcomed because of Jesus.
Jesus spoke some powerfully prophetic words when he said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” He knew that we would need to remember who and what we are a part of.

Jesus, thank you for the power of the table. In your grace you have given us the greatest example of your good news by welcoming us and reminding us to remember you. Amen.

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