The creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
— Romans 8:19

The world Moses grew up in had many stories about the origin of humans and their purpose. One ancient story said that some lesser gods were tired of serving higher gods, so they went on strike. Then one of the lesser gods created humans from clay so that they could serve the higher gods. So humans existed to build and maintain houses for the gods (temples) and to feed the gods through sacrifices.
To set things straight, God inspired Moses to explain who really created us and why. The one true God formed humans from dust and gave them life with his own breath (Genesis 2:7); God also created humans in his own image (Genesis 1:26). So we humans are created through love, not out of necessity or conflict, and we carry God’s authority with us into the world. In other words, we are children of the Lord of the universe, given authority to rule over and care for creation (Genesis 2:15). And if we would reflect God’s wise rule and care for creation, the world would flourish and provide abundantly for us.
But our first human parents sinned (Genesis 3), so we have not reflected God’s wise rule and stewardly care. As a result, creation has not flourished but has become chaotic and has actually made life difficult and dangerous. Thankfully, Jesus came to show us the way back to God, and God’s Spirit came to teach us how to live for and serve God in the world till Jesus comes again.

Lord, forgive us for bringing destruction into this world, and teach us to reflect your wisdom and care. Amen.

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