Among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality. . . .
— Ephesians 5:3

Years ago I attended a conference where a well-known Christian speaker asserted that the largest problem faced by Western Christianity was the use of pornography. The statistics on pornography use within the Christian community are shocking. The harm done to individuals, families, congregations, and the wider church community is incalculable. It drives a wedge between married couples, it gives unrealistic expectations to youth, and, riddled by guilt, many users hide from God rather than approaching him for forgiveness.
Throughout the Bible God teaches the importance of faithfulness and warns that sexual immorality is harmful and destructive. It ruins relationships and destroys trust. It treats people like objects when they should be valued as image­bearers of God. God uses the imagery of marriage to display the rich relationship of faithfulness that he wants with his people. God describes himself as a husband to Israel and compares idolatry to spiritual adultery.
Rather than hiding and ignoring pornography and other forms of sexual immorality among us, followers of Christ will do well to name these destructive influences, bring them into the light, and encourage healing to take place. May we seek to live in faithfulness, for Jesus’ sake.

Holy God, we acknowledge our sin, especially in areas of sexual immorality. We ask for forgiveness and deliverance. Guide us to be faithful. In Jesus, Amen.

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