God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them.
— Acts 4:33-34

As people were gripped by the reality of new life in Jesus, something significant was happening among them: no one was left out. “There were no needy persons among them.” Can you imagine what that was like?
Think about being on the receiving end. As hard as it can be to ask for help, I’m sure that people felt relief, knowing their needs would be supplied.
And what about the people who were giving? The ability to help meet the needs of people without expectations must have been contagious. People literally sold their property to help meet the needs of others. Talk about being devoted to one another.
In our Western culture today, we tend to struggle with this concept of social living. If we help someone out, will they take advantage and expect us to keep on giving? How will we be able to say no at some point?
Or could it be that God’s kingdom doesn’t work that way?
Maybe we are called to show God’s heart by caring for and meeting each other’s needs, and maybe in doing so we will reflect the light of Jesus.
Imagine what would happen if we, the church, lived each day with this kind of generosity. I’m sure that people outside the church would take notice and become curious.

Holy Spirit, make me sensitive to the needs of the people around me. Give me the courage not to wait until someone asks for help but to step in when you nudge me to do so. Amen.

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