They devoted themselves . . . to fellowship. . . .
— Acts 2:42

It’s important to know that we don’t just “go” to church but instead are part of the church. We might go to a hockey game or to a store, but church is different. If we follow Jesus, we are a part of his body, his people, the church.
Jesus’ early followers were a diverse group. They came from many countries and from all walks of life. It was probably difficult for them to unite together and learn to be God’s newly formed people. And yet they found a way to be devoted to one another, to be together in fellowship—in Christ, through the power of his Spirit.
What I love about the fellow­ship of Jesus’ followers is that they were there for one ­another. Their lives would not have been easy with all the political, cultural, and religious divisions in the Roman Empire. But they were able to find their way by being there for each other, in Christ.
When someone was struggling, hurting, or even coming off the rails in their faith, there was someone to encourage them. Though we all have a tendency to try to deal with our struggles on our own, we need to learn to lean into community. Maybe we don’t want to bother others, but in our times of struggle we need to run toward instead of away from our community of faith so that they can care for us.

Jesus, give me the strength and courage to live life in community. Help me to lean into your people around me and to let others do that with me. Amen.

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