So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife.
— Ruth 4:13

Ruth had returned with Naomi to make a new home in Bethlehem. At least Naomi had memories of familiar people and places there. But Ruth had no connections to Bethlehem at all. As a foreigner, she was doubly vulnerable in this place that was new to her.
But God provided in remarkable ways. First, “as it turned out” (Ruth 2:3), she found herself gleaning grain in the field of a kind-hearted relative named Boaz. Second, Boaz takes an interest in Ruth’s longterm well-being by making her his wife. These may seem like coincidences, but God specializes in gracious coincidence.
Sometimes our own journeys—to familiar places or to new ones—seem to present unlikely prospects. Maybe you can’t imagine going back to a church because you were too deeply hurt by its members in the past. Or maybe you feel that your sins are too weighty to be forgiven. But please know that God forgives all of our sins through Jesus Christ.
God has a way of providing for people who may not seem to belong. The genealogy at the end of Ruth 4 shows that Ruth became an ancestor of Israel’s great king David—and therefore also of the Savior, Jesus (Matthew 1).
God can bring you into Jesus’ family too. Trust him today to give you the home you need.

Heavenly Father, you surprise us with your gracious acceptance and provision. Thank you for welcoming us into your family through Christ, and help us to rejoice in your protection and redemption. Amen.

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