The apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people. . . . More and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number.
— Acts 5:12-14

When God begins to do a new thing, nothing can stop him. Forces of this world may try, but nothing can ultimately stop the momentum God creates.
The reporting of signs and wonders can make some of us uncomfortable. I know it does that for me because I wasn’t brought up in that type of environment. However, God used signs and wonders to give evidence of his kingdom coming into reality.
Though we might struggle a bit with these events, they can help us grasp the miracle of a changed life through the power of the resurrected Lord. When your life, or mine, is deeply transformed by the reality of God’s kingdom, we want others to experience it too.
Read verse 14 again and reflect on it.
Multitudes of people were being reached. This movement of Jesus was gaining momentum that would keep on going to the present day and beyond. In those early days, signs and wonders helped to reinforce the powerful new reality God was bringing into this world.
As you take some time to reflect on all this, ask God to deepen your awareness of his power. Think about where and how you have seen God work in the past. Consider being stretched by asking God to give you his power today.

Jesus, you did many miraculous things among the people you met and taught. Help me to see the miracles you are doing today. Amen.

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