Scripture Reading:

Isaiah 8:11-18

“Do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.”

Isaiah 8:12

The world around us fears all sorts of things. I was reading a few articles about what people fear the most. Things like heights, snakes, and the dentist top a lot of people’s lists. But so do things like economic disaster, wars, terrorism, and natural disasters. These are things that the world fears.

But the Lord tells Isaiah not to fear what people fear when they don’t live in tune with God. While the rest of the world might be afraid of upheaval and destruction, Isaiah isn’t supposed to fear such things. He isn’t supposed to be afraid of conspiracies or of being physically hurt. He isn’t supposed to be afraid of being too bold or saying the wrong thing. He isn’t supposed to be afraid of what the future might hold. He isn’t even supposed to be afraid of not having a next meal or warm clothes or a place to sleep. While the world might fear and worry over those things, Isaiah isn’t supposed to.

Isaiah is supposed to fear only God. Everything else is in God’s control. He will take care of all things. All that Isaiah has to do is obey God and fear him—that is, honor, worship, and be in awe of him.

We are called to do the same. There are many things to fear in this world. But God doesn’t want us to fear any of them. He wants us to fear only him. So in the fear of the Lord, worship and honor him today in everything you do.

Worthy God, help us to fear, worship, and honor you alone so that we may rest in the comfort of your love. Amen.

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