They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.
— Acts 2:42

If you know a die-hard soccer fan, you know that they can be rather fanatical about their club. The way they talk, dress, and cheer is like they were on the pitch for the game. Through thick and thin a true fan stays true to their club, no matter what. A true soccer fan is a picture of what it means to be deeply devoted.
As the group of first-century, new believers in Jesus was being formed, they did something almost automatically. They turned their lives in a direction that would allow them to grow a resilient faith. They devoted themselves to this new way of life. The word devoted carries with it the idea of being glued to something, unable to be pulled apart.
When a person is devoted, they are not looking for the path of least resistance. When times get tough, they don’t strive for a comfortable and convenient life. People who are deeply devoted don’t allow their feelings to be the main indicator of how they define their faith.
The early church shows us something very important about human nature: what we are devoted to forms our lives, shapes our thinking, and develops new patterns of life and friendship.

God, life can be so tough at times. There are days when we are not sure if we can even move forward, so please give us the strength and the will to be devoted to you and your plan. Amen.

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