“‘Now get up and stand on your feet. . . . I am sending you to [the Gentiles] to open their eyes . . . so that they may receive forgiveness of sins. . . .’”
— Acts 26:16-18

Consider your own story of faith. One of the ways you can know the awe of God is through your story. Maybe you came to Jesus out of a life of poverty and pain. Maybe you think your story is less than exciting because you grew up in the church and have always been a part of it.
Whatever the case, you have a story to share because it’s really about God’s story happening through you. In all your struggles, celebrations, griefs, and joys, God has been telling his story of grace in and through you.
When given the opportunity, Paul shared his story. One of the main reasons a personal story is so powerful is that no one can argue against the way God has chosen to work in and through you. Think of moments when you had to trust God with a loved one who was sick, or when you were not sure how to pay a debt and God provided for you. Or maybe you thought your marriage was at the point of no return, but God brought it back.
People can debate theology and doctrine, but they cannot argue against the awesome work of God in and through a transformed life.
May we not lose sight of the power of whom we serve and that we are called to be his people. Let’s embrace and cele­brate the awe and wonder of God’s power each day.

God, undo me today! Soften my heart and bring me freedom so that I may see and know the wonder of who you are. Amen.

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