“They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection.”
— Luke 20:36

Researching your family tree is a popular hobby these days, with so many records available through ancestry websites. I was surprised to learn that my own family history makes a connection with a president of the United States!
In our reading for today, Jesus was challenged and mocked by some of his antagonists, who gave him a trick question about family ties after the resurrection. His reply rerouted their nonsense into a wonderful teaching about the life-changing reality that comes from the resurrection.
Instead of requiring us to sort through family names and the births and deaths of ancestors, the resurrection raises a new reality. Whether one is married or not, childless or not, or male or female, everyone matters because all believers in Christ are children of God, “children of the resurrection.”
This does not disrespect or diminish anyone’s family or relationships. Family ties are enhanced in this new perspective as the resurrection redefines family and community. We are all invited to open our hearts and lives to include others whom we might not think of as part of our family. And we can join with others to become part of the worldwide family of God. Our identity as children of the resurrection is that we are all equally loved and valued as God’s children.
Thanks be to God for the family of God!

Dear God, thank you for the comfort of being forever safe, loved, and cherished because of all that Jesus has done for us as your children! Amen.

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