Scripture Reading:

Psalm 67

May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.

Psalm 67:7

A local congregation was blessed by great financial giving throughout a difficult time. The leaders of this church felt so blessed by God through their members that they knew they had to reach out and share this blessing with the community around them. They began calling local homeless shelters and other ministries and organizations that they thought might need assistance. And soon several organizations were able to share those blessings with people in need—to the glory of God.

Being blessed with financial resources or good health isn’t a guarantee from following God. He never promises that we will live healthy and wealthy lives on this earth. But when God does bless us, we are called to share what God has given us and bless others. When God first called Abraham, God promised to bless him, saying that through him all the peoples on earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:1-3).

Psalm 67 is a prayer asking God to bless his people so that through that blessing, the other nations of the world would be blessed with God’s salvation and fear him. In this setting, fear is described in terms of knowledge, worship, and adoration of God. This prayer asks God to bless his people so that all people may come to know God and worship him for all he has done. Let that be our prayer today as well.

Blessing God, bless your people not for our sake but so that we can share with others, that all may come to know and honor you. Amen.

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