Scripture Reading:

Matthew 7:7-12

“Ask and it will be given to you. . . .”

Matthew 7:7

Some time ago I was at a grocery store looking for something, and I could not find it. Meanwhile, an employee stood by, about five feet away, stocking the shelves.

Did I ask for help? No. Instead, I turned the other way to avoid making eye contact, because something inside me didn’t want to admit that I needed help.

Maybe you can tell a similar story. It’s hard to reach out for help with small things like groceries—let alone the important stuff in life.

We don’t like asking for help for a lot of reasons. But I think the main reason is that we don’t want it to seem like there’s something wrong with us. We don’t want others to think that we aren’t good enough or smart enough to solve our own problems.

Unfortunately, we bring this mentality into our relationship with God. We act as if everything in our life depends on us, instead of leaning on God and aiming to live in line with his will (Matthew 6:10).

Jesus encourages us to turn to God—just as a child turns to a parent—and to ask for the things we need. We can trust that God loves us enough to provide. And, wanting to do God’s will, we can also ask for all kinds of things that will build up his kingdom!

Father, help us to bring our needs before you in prayer, trusting in your love and provision. And guide us to ask for and find ways to work with you in this world, as you build your kingdom. Amen.

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