Scripture Reading:

Mark 10:35-40

“Can you drink the cup I drink or be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?”

Mark 10:38

Jesus’ disciples are jockeying for privileged positions in his kingdom. But Jesus redirects these followers, inviting them to join him on his path and mission. “Can you drink the cup I drink . . . ?” he asks.

Without understanding all that this means, they give an answer that sounds right to them: “We can.” But, really, they have no way of knowing what it means to take on the things Jesus is going to face. How could they know?

For that matter, when Jesus invites us to follow him, how can we know what will be involved? Do we have a clue how much our lives are going to be changed by accepting Jesus’ invitation?

Jesus asks that we hand our lives over to him. He asks not that we just make a few minor changes, but that we surrender our lives fully to his way.

Our walking the life of faith is not for our own glory. It’s not for gaining privileged positions in God’s kingdom.

Instead, Jesus calls us to join him on his mission so that we and the world may be changed—that is, redeemed and renewed. And that may be a difficult path.

What does Jesus’ call mean for you in your life?

Savior and Lord, I cannot know everything that being your disciple will mean for me. But I do know that you invite me to follow you and that you will love me forever—and that is enough. Amen.

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