Simeon took him in his arms. . . .
— Luke 2:28

When Jesus was about six weeks old, an old man cradled him in his arms. In some ways that seems such an ordinary thing to do. It’s what many of us want to do with a little baby—to hold that bundle of new life close, to hear the breath, to feel the warmth, to gaze into the bright, wondering eyes.
The old man has high hopes for this helpless baby. Somehow this baby will shine with glory in the midst of his own people, Israel. And he will be the way out of darkness for all peoples (Genesis 12:3). He will be salvation from God, salvation so desperately needed in a world of sin and sorrow.
These hopes and expectations did not come to the old man out of nowhere. The Spirit of God had been speaking in his heart, giving him hope that he would see the Messiah, the King of Israel. And when the Spirit prompted him, he went to the temple. And there he saw a baby, just a baby.
But instantly the old man Simeon knew. He knew that God’s great rescue plan centered on this child. He knew that somehow this powerless infant, who couldn’t talk or walk yet, would be the ­answer to the world’s greatest need. And that child is still the ­answer today.

Jesus, we don’t expect much from little babies, though we do have our hopes and dreams for them. But what dreams your heavenly Father had for you! Amen.

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