We continually ask God to fill you. . . .
— Colossians 1:9

In late August in the area where I live, it’s not unusual to hear about harvesting. Harvest time is near, and what was planted in spring and cared for in summer is almost ready to fill baskets and bins.
Paul knew that the Colossians’ faith, love, and hope were rooted in Christ. And that meant a bountiful harvest would come for the church. Paul said that he and others continually asked God for the Colossians to be filled to overflowing with the knowledge of God’s will through the wisdom and understanding of the Holy Spirit. This knowledge is not mere head knowledge; it is heart knowledge that comes with wisdom and understanding. This involves the process of discerning the will of God, which comes through putting oneself aside and becoming filled with Jesus and the Spirit.
It is not easy to put ourselves in that position. It requires discipline, spiritual discipline. Jesus took time to be alone with his Father in order to remain focused, and we need to do the same, offering ourselves to the Father’s will, not our own.
Like Jesus, we need to develop the habit of seeking after and waiting for the will of God to be revealed to us. God wants us to know his will—and, rest assured, it will always conform to what the Bible teaches.

God of bounteous grace, help us to slow down to know you and your will better, that we may live faithfully for you. Amen.

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